The Spitfires

Vintage Fighter Restorations have quite a history in the restoration of the legendary Supermarine Spitfire, having restored the first flying “Warbird” Spitfire in the country, the “Pay's Spitfire” Mk VIII VH-HET.  This Spitfire was restored by the late Col Pay and is now operated by Temora Aviation Museum (TAM).

Vintage Fighter Restorations currently have two Mk IX Spitfires under restoration, LF.IXb, MH415 and Spitfire F.Mk.IX MH603.


Spitfire Lf.ixb  mh415

Supermarine Spitfire LF.IXb, MH415 arrived in Scone NSW at Vintage Fighter Restorations in early 2016 from the USA and the restoration has made a substantial amount of progress. This aircraft is one of the most complete and original Spitfires to be restored to flight anywhere in the World. Moreover, the aircraft has a distinguished operational WWII and post war service record.

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Spitfire f.ix  mh603

Spitfire F Mk.IX MH603 was acquired in 2009 from Provenance Fighter Sales and has required a complete airframe rebuild. The extensive structural work required on the aircraft has been meticulously carried out by Vintage Fighter Restorations at Scone NSW. The wings are being fully rebuilt in their jig assemblies and are largely completed, as well as the fuselage and tail assembly.

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